Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Khanh Lee

On March 16, 2024, Khanh spent her day assisting clients at the HBI Pro Health Fair registration table, ensuring everyone felt welcome and understood. Her patience and attention to detail made the process smooth for all attendees. Khanh’s volunteer work with HBI is essential to the organization’s mission of improving healthcare access for all. Her efforts at the health fair demonstrate the impact dedicated volunteers can have in making healthcare more inclusive and accessible. Read our interview with Khanh Lee!

How long have you been volunteering at HBI?
I have been volunteering at HBI since April 28, 2023.

How did you choose to volunteer at HBI?
Joining the effort to provide care for underserved and uninsured individuals has always been a passion of mine, so naturally, I was drawn to volunteering for HBI when I saw that they were giving free health screenings to underserved populations.

What makes it meaningful for you to volunteer there?
As the eldest daughter of two immigrant parents, I am quite familiar with the language barrier struggles that non-English speaking families face when attempting to take care of their healthcare needs. Because of HBI, I have been privileged to be part of a diverse team and use my abilities to educate and advocate for patients by overcoming language barriers whenever I can.

Through each event I attend, it has always been incredibly meaningful to witness members of a community come together, no matter what ethnicity or background, and put their trust in us to help them find answers for their health. Time and time again, it has been a rewarding experience to help patients understand unfamiliar health concepts and watch them gain empowerment over their health.

What can you say to others who are thinking about volunteering for a nonprofit organization like HBI?
Just go ahead and do it! No matter what background you come from or what motivates you, the sooner you act and start volunteering, the sooner you can make a positive impact on communities that need your help.

We are currently looking for volunteers! If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us.