Volunteering at HBI enables me to engage with the community and witness the inherent goodness that still exists in people.


is an opportunity to directly contribute to community health and well-being.

Be an integral part

of our mission to address health disparities, especially among vulnerable populations.

We welcome you

and your diverse skills and backgrounds. Join us for community outreach, education, and support services.

For those pursuing careers in healthcare, including pre-medical students, volunteering at HBI provides a unique and enriching experience to make a meaningful impact on the community while gaining practical insights into the healthcare field.

Job Opportunities

Diverse group of HBI employees walking and smiling on a path with trees behind them.

We’re sorry, there are currently no available positions open. Keep checking with us!

With your help, we serve underserved communities by:

  • Bringing free overall health education
  • Providing free screening, testing, and referrals
  • Building bridges for sustainable linkage to care

Make a meaningful difference today.