Working on the Maryland Dept of Health of Montgomery County’s Alzheimer’s Grant

We created this ad for “The Nigerian Times.” Our use of bright colors, culturally appropriate seniors, and easy-to-read content makes for an impactful and meaningful ad. In addition, we are leveraging social media to bring our educational initiatives to  larger audiences  One of our social media posts exceeded our expectations with over 60,000 Post Impressions!

HBI is collaborating with the American Diversity Group (ADG), and The Continuum Healthcare Network. The primary objective of the grant is to improve knowledge and awareness about healthy brain aging, dementia prevention, cognitive screening, and local resources for people living with or at risk for dementia through outreach and community-based activities.

We are reaching out to individuals aged 45-80 through partnering organizations, especially those serving African American, Hispanic, low-income, and foreign-born individuals, including African-born and recent immigrants.

“The most important message to get out,” says Community Health Worker, Heidi Dennie, “is the importance of early detection and care”. She emphasizes that medication can slow disease progression, underscoring the need for early intervention.  “Start a difficult conversation,” she says. “These conversations can educate and grow awareness, which will expand our reach and help us live into our mission.”

HBI is thrilled to be in a position to make a positive impact on Alzheimer’s patients and families in vulnerable populations!